Current Courses

  • EECS 433: Database Systems (Spring 20)

    Basic issues and advanced research topics in data management systems for Big Data: Physical data organization. Relational databases/noSQL/newSQL systems. XML/RDF Data. Data Constraints. Query Languages. Query Optimization and Approximate Query Processing. Data quality. Recommended preparation: MATH 304. EECS 341.

  • Structured & Unstructured Data (Fall 19)

    This course introduces fundamental and new data models (relational tables, XML/RDF, and unstructured text/image), constraints, query processing and indexing, and techniques to cope with new challenges from big data analytics and applications (e.g., Web knowledge, Q&A systems, recommendation, and security). The project-oriented course also introduces and practice design principles of data systems including noSQL and knowledge bases.

  • For students: please access Canvas for course resources and materials.

Past Courses

  • Automata and Formal Languages (Fall 17-18)
  • Big Data (Fall 16-18)
  • Advanced Databases (Spring 17-19)